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Re: sh(1) wait builtin command and stopped jobs

> Then add an option to wait [...] to indicate that wait should complete 
> if the [...] process enters stopped state
I guess "enters stopped state" includes the case where the process already was 
in the stopped state when the wait command was issued?

> My inclination is to go that way, rather than having default wait complete
> when a (selected) job stops, with a possible option to avoid that,
I don't have any strong opinion, but also find it slightly more natural 
that way.

Long ago, I used processes stopping themselves as a primitive synchronisation tool (not from a shell script, however). I used an ELC to feed four CD writers, which worked well when the four cdrdao processes were in sync, but miserably failed otherwise. So I added a --stop option to cdrdao which stopped the process as soon as the lengthy initialization was complete and then manually issued a kill -CONT to make them continue.

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