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Re: ZFS - mounting filesystems (Was CVS commit: src/etc)

> Again we come to what "critical" means.  If you have your /build in
> your /etc/fstab, you boot will still fail if you can't mount that
> filesystem (right)?

In my experience, yes, and that is a problem.  There really should be a
way to mark an fstab entry "process this if you can, but if you can't
don't worry about it".  (This would apply to things like mount -a and
fsck -p and such.)

The closest thing I have to a current example is my rotating backup
filesystem; if it's not there, the relevant system can come up fine for
all other purposes, and I sometimes want it to.  I currently handle
this by leaving it out of fstab entirely, mounting it (and starting the
relevant daemon) manually, but that is suboptimal, especially for
unattended boots such as powerfail recovery.

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