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Re: Encoding non-alphanumeric characters in manpage filenames

On Thu, 11 Nov 2021, Lassi Kortela wrote:

In the present case, it's prudent to establish a clear rule by which the filenames in man/cat directories can be taken apart to find the page, section, and other suffixes. (This precludes using ".7z" compression for manual pages, as Thierry pointed out, or else all tools which interpret manpage filenames will have to account for ".7z" as a special case.) If this rule is similar or identical to other such rules (e.g. standard filename extensions, URL encoding), so much the better.

Well, man(1) needs to keep a mapping of .ext -> decompressor in
any case since the user could (potentially) have applied any
compressor to their man-pages. So I don't think .7z is a special

You might also get away w/o using any extensions at all if you
introduced man(1) to libmagic(3). Then, you could just do: man

Right now you have a whole slew of _build & _crunch directives in
/etc/man.conf to deal just with this. But, I'm probably taking this
discussion too far afield from encoding-conventions...


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