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Re: Encoding non-alphanumeric characters in manpage filenames

> If all dots were escaped, these layers would be kept separate.  Then
> manpage filenames would reliably be of the form:

>      page "." section-extension ( "." other-extension )*

> Such a filename can be correctly split at dots without knowing what
> manual sections, compression tools, and other tools are in existence.

Yes, it could.

You still haven't explained why this is a valuable property, in
particular why it's more valuable than preserving existing filenames
for existing manpages (eg, resolv.conf(5)).

As far as I can see, manpage filename encoding does not need to be a
two-way process as far as automated tools are concerned.  Manpage names
get converted into filenames, but I see no reason for anything below
the human layer to go the other way.

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