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Re: openssl 3

Reinoud Zandijk <> writes:

>> My impression is that work to make things build with 3.0.0 is in
>> progress, but that the fallout from a (not committed, in testing) switch
>> is over 5000 packages.  But I expect that will rapidly get better.
> Those is quite a lot of fallout.


> Just scouted a few, but some of the logs state that it thinks its building on
> x86_64-unknown-solaris2 (ghc, wayland). Is this intentional?

That's a bulk build by jperkin@, so it seems intentional.  Anyone is
welcome to do a bulk build on other systems, and that would be most welcome.

>> So if netbsd-current moves to openssl3 before pkgsrc is ready, that's
>> going to cause a lot of packages to break on current.   So then people
>> who care can fix them, as usual.
> Can't pkgsrc do a fallback? Ie if the package is not openssl3 compatible it
> can fall back on an openssl 1.1 in pkgsrc until upstream is converted?

So far no one has spoken up in favor of having two openssl
implementations at once.

We probably could allow people to select pkgsrc openssl on
netbsd-current, so packages get 1.1.1.  That may require other things
that use openssl to come from pkgsrc.

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