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Re: openssl 3

Martin Husemann <> writes:

>> I don't know what you mean exactly.   Certainly at some point pkgsrc
>> builds on 9 will use pkgsrc openssl.  Perhaps long before that.   But I
>> don't see how e.g. postfix in base is going to use pkgsrc openssl.
> Right, so the admin of an affected machine would have to choose:
>  - update to newer netbsd
>  - update to use pkgsrc postfix
>  - live with outdated openssl

Which more or less amounts to "netbsd 9 is no longer supported".  So we
should plan to have 11 out by spring 2024 -- but we should be doing that
(or earlier) anyway.

(Personally, assuming 10 happens early/mid 2022, I expect to have
updated all my systems long before end of 2023.)

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