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Re: fuse_opt.h

Le ven. 4 juin 2021 à 02:17, Emmanuel Dreyfus <> a écrit :
> Jason Thorpe <> wrote:
> > Seems like it would be a bad idea NOT to fix it.  I assume one of the
> > goals of librefuse was to be ABI compatible?
> My concern is that if you build a FUSE filesystem, using FUSE headers
> from /usr/include and linking with libfuse will cause a crash on LP64.
> You must either
> - use FUSE headers from /usr/include and link with librefuse
> ot
> - use libfuse provided headers and link with libfuse
> The libfuse and NetBSD provided headers have the same file names and
> almost the same content, it seems a nasty trap that they are not
> identical.

I'd expect the libfuse and librefuse to be _API_ compatible, not ABI
compatible. Indeed the same as e.g. our readline emulation in

It's very rare that any lib supporting, and indeed any app building,
using header one of compatible lib and linking against the other.


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