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Re: Java servers and rc.d?

Paul Ripke <> writes:

> Another thought:
> Should _find_processes in /etc/rc.subr pay attention to a deamon's
> configured user?

I'm not quite ready to conclude that, but I agree that we should have a
way that rc.d scripts for programs that use java can work correctly.

> I run unifi from pkgsrc, which is java. I've also got a couple of
> minecraft servers (also java) running to keep my son happy. I've just
> discovered that the default rc.d script for unifi thinks that unifi
> is running if any of the minecraft servers are running.

The root cause here is the java attitude that people should invoke
programs in java via a java command line that they have to
semi-understand and carry from documentation, rather than having an
executable -- even if a script that encapsulates this.  But of course
that's too hard to fix in general.

I wonder how hard it would be to have /usr/pkg/bin/unifi that takes
start and stop and has the long java command, and which then might be
matchable via ps.

> They both run under different users - should find_processes pay
> attention to the configured user? Do we have a solution for java
> servers and procname in rc.d?

Your suggestion seems like a reasonable workaround.

One could match on not just $command but also $command_args.  While
"start" is a traditional ccommand argument, the rest are really code
that belongs in a program rather than command-line args, and this could
make the match specific enough.

Another possible approach is to add a "status" operator along with stop
to unifi, but that is likely harder.

A patch to improve this would be welcome for consideration.

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