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Re: tolower()/islower() and char

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 10:54:45AM -0500, Mouse wrote:
 > >> [Y]ou just need to choose a value for EOF that is out of range for
 > >> signed char.
 > > I recall there being some debate about whether it's actually legal
 > > for EOF to have any value other than -1.
 > Curious.  Do you recall the basis for such a position?

No, only that I remember seeing a discussion about it, most likely on
comp.std.c so most likely not about POSIX, and before C11. I can't
find any trace in my own archives, and asking the goog about
comp.std.c turns up tons of rubbish about comp.std.c++, and I don't
see anything obvious in the standard either.

But of course it would only be an interesting proposition for
comp.std.c if it weren't obvious :-)

Could also be that I'm thinking of something else entirely. So, in the
absence of further information, never mind I guess...

David A. Holland

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