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Re: [patch] usbdevs(8) use strtol(3) instead of atoi(3) for more predictable result

In article <20191124191258.GA3086@localhost.localdomain>,
'Alexander Kuleshov'  <> wrote:
>On 11-24-19, Terry Moore wrote:
>> Zero is never a legal address for an operating USB device. (It can
>appear transiently during enumeration, but there's no way to operate a
>device in that state; so it make no sense for address zero to be used
>in usermode). A device at address zero is always under the
>administration of the hub driver and is about to be moved to a non-zero
>Yes, but usbdevs(8) everywhere counts devices from zero, so probably
>this should be updated,
>if it is ok I will take a look there and fix this if need in a separate patch.
>Here is new patch with updates suggested by Kamil to check the given
>addr with strtoi(3):

You don't need "ep", you can pass NULL.


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