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Re: More compatibility for refuse writes:

> If anything we should get rid of perfuse.

Certainly not.  It is there because gluster uses /dev/fuse directly, or
via some "low level" API, rather than using the standard FUSE API (the
"high level" API).  I am unclear on why, but my impression is that there
are good reasons vs it being gratuitous.  So perfuse - which is only in
pkgsrc - has to stay.

But, that's not really related to the best way forward here.

Is it a fair characterization that what you are proposing is about
adding support for older versions of the API, to accomodate programs
that are not written to the current FUSE API version?

Other than a bit more header defs, and a few compat functions, are there

Is this notion of compat APIs normal in FUSE?  With real modern fuse,
are the old API functions available always, or does one have to define

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