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Providing access to USB devices

			Hi tech-userlevel@,

I just realized that on my regular system, I modified the permissions
for the ugen(4) device nodes to allow my regular user to access them:

# ls -l /dev/ugen0.00
crw-rw----  1 root  wheel  64, 0 Dec 22  2014 /dev/ugen0.00

With this, I am generally able to use USB devices attaching as ugen(4)
without being root.

By default the MAKEDEV script makes these nodes 0600, root:wheel. I also
see that in the case of GPIO, we have a _gpio group, and that the
corresponding device nodes have permissions set to 0664.

Would it make sense to create a _usb group, and setting the permissions
of /dev/ugen* and maybe also /dev/usb* to mode 0660 root:_usb?

With this we should also be able to run services like pcscd (from
pkgsrc) without requiring root.


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