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Re: Definitions of types also as macros

On Sep 9,  8:43am, (David Holland) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Definitions of types also as macros

| How many headers are these (uint32_t etc. in this case) actually
| supposed to be defined in? The definitions are in both sys/stdint.h
| (which is also stdint.h) and sys/types.h, but sys/types.h includes
| sys/stdint.h under some circumstances and there doesn't seem to be any
| obvious reason it shouldn't just always do that.

The problem is that we have been strict about defining only the types
that are supposed to be defined by the header included (and no others).
If we accept that including the header can define more types, or that
we can have many more files that are just there to define types, then
the problem is solvable.


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