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Re: mandoc shortcomings (Christos Zoulas) wrote:
 |In article <1691308867.258777.1450380924126.JavaMail.ngmail@webmail14\
 |Carsten Kunze  <> wrote:
 |>Steffen Nurpmeso <> wrote:
 |>> _Where_ is the _real_ shit.
 |>> That is here indeed the question.
 |>What do you refer to?
 |He is proposing to rewrite the man pages in c++.

And mdoc(7) indeed is more cryptic than the C++ groff actually
uses, only even more narrow-minded and not even capable to
document C interfaces easily.  A highly academical yay! on
«recursive descendent parsers are capable of anything you
deserve!» but without giving any answer to the peculiarities of
documenting programs and programming interfaces.  About a decade
after GNU info (blindly trusting a faded memory) and likely in
light of an increasingly interwoven surrounding, and if its only
the actual costs of airplane tickets, phone calls, modem lines or
personal computer hard- and software.  Much is missing.
That is no excuse for learning that language though.


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