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make issue with .SUFFIXES?


current groff (git) doesn't compile on NetBSD.  The groff build maintainer had analyzed this and build a minimum test case which shows the problem:

When there is a file "" and a makefile:

.SUFFIXES: .roff .in .ps .mom .pdf .me .ms .ps .html .txt .texi .dvi .pdf .xhtml .man .c .cpp .log .o .obj .sed .sin .test .test$(EXEEXT) .trs .ypp

        @echo Making $@ from $<
        rm -f $@
        @LC_ALL=C \
         sed -e "s|foo|bar|g" \
         $< >$@

"make test.1" results in "make: don't know how to make test.1. Stop".

When ".man" is put to the start of the list it works.  It also works when the first .SUFFIXES line is removed.  Is this a bug (that it doesn't work with the makefile above)?


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