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Re: curses vs non-ASCII

>> [...].  This leads me to suspect this is actually a curses bug.
> That may well be.  I think that parts of refresh have been refactored
> since 5.  It should be simple to get the libcurses from -current and
> build it under 5, there are very few system dependencies.

Actually, in view of the struggle I've had with an "improved" curses,
I'm rather leery of "improving" it further.  Also, after GPLv3 was let
into the tree, I no longer trust NetBSD source to be suitable for
open-source work; I would feel compelled to check the license on each
file.  Each of these pushes me towards using -4's, not -current's, as
the replacement if I wanted to replace -5's curses.

I may need to - even with my own locale, though, it seems there's still
a bug somewhere.  The actual application displays non-ASCII characters
fine, but my test program still misbehaves the same way as before!

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