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RE: Upgrade to NetBSD 7: no _mandb entry found in man.conf

Thanks, Martin.

> > I think the answers are:
> > 1) yes
> > 2) yes (should be documented as /var/db/man.db)
> > 3) yes
> > 4) There is, but it's not visible if you upgrade
> > 5) I think so, to minimize frustration.
> The problem is that /etc/man.conf is considered user-changable
> configuration, and basically can only be fixed manually.
> Depending on how you updated, postinstall(8) should have warned you about
> the missing entry and told you to fix it manually, with a hint to just
> copy it over from the etc set.

The errors scrolled off the screen -- on the second system I updated last
night, I saw the message fly by. I missed it the first time.  

BTW, I may have overlooked something, but I couldn't find a way to get the
postinstall(8) messages in a file for review. (The machines are mostly on
VMware or on ESX servers, but are not serial console (so the bits just fly
by during an upgrade). 

Possibly there's a way to save the postinstall(8) messages before you reboot
the upgraded system, but since the messages scrolled, I really didn't have a
clue that I'd need it after I'd rebooted.  Luckily I have my own work VM and
I always upgrade that first before upgrading servers (eat my own food).  If
there is a way to save the postinstall(8) messages, may I suggest that
postinstall(8) prompt to save results, especially if there's an error?

Since the CDs don't by default install sources, I didn't have a source tree
on the upgraded system. (It would be nice to have concise instructions, for
sysadmins who are in a hurry, on how to get the source tree installed as art
of the upgrade.) 

I agree with the decision not to auto-update /etc/man.conf; I spent a long
time looking for the info, and figured that by posting a note I would at
least make it possible for someone else to find a solution with a Google

> For the doc changes: I think you are right.
> You can look at the default config for -7 here:
> or
> type=text/x-cvsweb-markup&only_with_tag=netbsd-7-0-RELEASE


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