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Re: Upgrade to NetBSD 7: no _mandb entry found in man.conf

On Tue, Nov 03, 2015 at 09:57:47PM -0500, Terry Moore wrote:
> I think the answers are:
> 1) yes
> 2) yes (should be documented as /var/db/man.db)
> 3) yes
> 4) There is, but it's not visible if you upgrade
> 5) I think so, to minimize frustration.

The problem is that /etc/man.conf is considered user-changable configuration,
and basically can only be fixed manually.

Depending on how you updated, postinstall(8) should have warned you about
the missing entry and told you to fix it manually, with a hint to just copy
it over from the etc set.

For the doc changes: I think you are right.

You can look at the default config for -7 here:



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