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Re: strsuftoi(3), strsuftou(3) proposal in libc

>> Speaking as a code author, the headaches of that approach occur when
>> some well-meaning soul adds yet another function to libc - and it
>> happens to collide with a function in your program, a function that
>> used to be in user namespace.
> This is valid argument... but it may happen in every programming
> language and library.

Oh, certainly.  I wasn't trying to imply otherwise.

I've seen it quipped that there are two big problems in computer
science: cache coherency, naming things, and off-by-one errors.  As
amusing as it is, I find it no coincidence that naming is one of the
problems cited; namespaces are a distinctly nontrivial problem, one I
have no easy solution for.  I'm just trying to point out that there's a
downside to adding pretty much _any_ function to libc, regardless of
the merits of the functionality it brings.

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