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Re: su(1) in /rescue?

On Oct 7, 11:04am, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
} I ran into issues with corrupting dynamic linker in the kernel (at
} run-time) and just statically-linked executables were working. Sadly I
} was logged as a normal user and I was unable to switch to root and
} gracefully reboot(8) the machine. Killing the login at serial-interface
} resulted in dying it after reset.

     I usually add myself to the operator group.  That allows me
to run shutdown(8) as a regular user.  Also, assuming a relatively
recent PC (i.e. last 10 years or so), if you haven't removed ACPI
from the kernel, you can just poke the power button briefly.  This
will normally result in an ACPI event being generated, which will
result in a proper shutdown.  Some other platforms have soft
powerdown as well.

}-- End of excerpt from Kamil Rytarowski

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