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libintl updates


I've started working on an update to libintl. Currently, I've implemented the new functions/macros that were added in GNU gettext that take a context argument as described:

As far as I can tell from the NEWS shipped with gettext, this covers the major API changes.

My plan now is to start working on tests for the lib, and then tackle implementing the gettext(1), msgfmt(1) and msgunfmt(1) tools.

Regarding the project page:

- What other extensions were added to the .mo format? I couldn't find any major changes in the gettext NEWS or Changelog files.

- Are there any other major API items that I'm missing? Looking at gettext.h from GNU gettext, it seems that was it.

Here's the code, in case anyone wants to give me early feedback before I submit:

William Orr

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