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Re: Patch from FreeBSD for el_gets() in libedit

In article <>,
Pierre Pronchery  <> wrote:
>			Hi tech-userlevel@,
>FreeBSD patched their own copy of libedit about a month ago, see:
>(patch attached)
>If I get this right (I have never used libedit myself) the value
>returned in the "nread" argument (called "count" in the corresponding
>manual page) may be wrong if any wide-character was encountered.

Yes, I just fixed it.

>I did not find where el_wgets() is implemented. Would anyone know?

it is in read.c (el,gets).

>In pkgsrc I saw a folder called "libedit" in net/tnftp/files/libedit,
>and it has a completely different implementation of el_gets().

I don't know, perhaps an older version.

>Ok to commit?

Does not work properly if el_wgets() got an error. See what I committed.

Thanks for noticing,


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