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Re: Revisiting the migration path to Kyua

On Feb 16, 2014, at 8:04, Andreas Gustafsson <> wrote:

> Given that both tools run the same tests, I agree that running both
> would be wasteful.  Maybe we could add a command line option like you
> suggested, but make it fall back to ATF when Kyua is selected but not
> available, as the case may be when testing a historic version?

I don't have a strong preference (it's your software after all!), but 
_personally_ I'm not a big fan of such automatic fallbacks.  If the user says 
--test-engine=kyua, then I'd expect the software to do as I said or fail if 
it's not possible.  (However if instead the user said --test-engine=auto, then 
it'd be just fine to detect Kyua and fall back to ATF if not present.)  Up to 
you really.  Maybe a tristate (--test-engine=[atf|kyua|auto]) is nicest?

Do you want me to come up with a draft diff for this?


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