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Re: GPIB library available on NetBSD

Le 2013-01-31 08:36, Hauke Fath a écrit :
Am 31.01.13 06:49, schrieb Jacques Pelletier:
Le 2013-01-30 15:11, a écrit :
[GPIB support]

What architecture? What GPIB hardware?
It's a common PC architecture (ix86) and a National Instruments AT card.
I don't have the exact card model at hand, but it's supported in linux
That would be cec(4), then (if it's an ISA card), included in the i386
ALL kernel configuration. Add the relevant lines to a copy of GENERIC,
build a kernel, boot, and see if the card shows up.

Supposing that my GPIB card is already supported, then how do we use cec?

Is it a module that should be loaded? If so, how do we make it load at boot time?

Is it a library? If so, what would be the include file to put in my C program?

I'm rather a newbie in the NetBSD world, so a detailled answer would be appreciated very much!

Many thanks!


Also, the Linux libgpib contains the kernel drivers for many GPIB cards.
Doesn't help you on NetBSD, both for technical and legal (license) reasons.


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