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Re: GPIB library available on NetBSD

Am 31.01.13 06:49, schrieb Jacques Pelletier:
> Le 2013-01-30 15:11, a écrit :

[GPIB support]

>> What architecture? What GPIB hardware?
> It's a common PC architecture (ix86) and a National Instruments AT card.
> I don't have the exact card model at hand, but it's supported in linux
> libgpib.

That would be cec(4), then (if it's an ISA card), included in the i386
ALL kernel configuration. Add the relevant lines to a copy of GENERIC,
build a kernel, boot, and see if the card shows up.

> Also, the Linux libgpib contains the kernel drivers for many GPIB cards.

Doesn't help you on NetBSD, both for technical and legal (license) reasons.


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