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Re: iconv(3) and POSIX

Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> In /usr/include/iconv.h, the second argument to iconv() is declared
> const.  However, POSIX says that it isn't:
> and this causes git to declare OLD_ICONV for NetBSD. 

And why is that bad?

> The man page says that these conform to 1003.1-2001, and don't mention
> noncompliance with -2008.  I didn't find the 2001 version, but 2004 and
> 2008 both do not have const.
> So is this as bug to fix in the prototype?   Or if not, how should the
> manpage be changed?

Const-vs-not of iconv source buffer has a long history by now and it's
not the first time the question is brought up.  Have you gone through
the archives?


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