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Re: web inherits UNIX console?

On 27 October 2011 15:34, Mouse <> wrote:
>>> Sounds to me as though you want modes, too, though you call them
>>> things like task-specific key bindings.
>> I don't think that I said task-specific key bindings.  I certainly
>> did not mean it.  Key bindings should not constantly be in flux.
> That would be a problem for me, at least; for example, I have come to
> expect - not entirely unreasonably, I think - different key bindings in
> different contexts.  To name the first example that comes to mind,
> RETURN when editing a text file is very different from RETURN when
> editing a command line.

Yes, that's necessarily different.

However, the keybindings used to edit the shell command line are
substantially different from those of any editor for no good reason.
The shell does not embed an existing editor, it has one of its own
which mimics some other editors to some extent but many commands that
would be applicable to a single line in an editor are unavailable.

Similarily most web browsers have a field for entering a new URL to
navigate to which is more akin to the shell command like - return
should start loading the URL as it starts executing the command in the
shell. Yet the keybindings in this field tend to be very minimal and
unlike any editor and very different from those of the shell.



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