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Re: What should go in dot files

Now that the earth-shattering issue of aliases has been solved, I'd really
like to hear your arguments as to what and why should go in the dot files
under /etc/skel. Why are no aliases allowed but BLOCKSIZE is? Why set it
arbitrarily to '1k'? How is it different from TERM? Why put /usr/X11 before
/usr/pkg in PATH? Why not start PATH with $HOME/bin? Etc., etc.

You say new users don't need no stinkin' aliases, thank you very much, and
veteran users have already customised their environment. I don't buy that.
Iain put it very well: it's easier to modify an existing (working) config
file than create a new one from scratch, /especially/ for new users. If one is
an old time user, removing the offending line will take one less than 10
seconds -- that is, if one doesn't decide to replace the file entirely as
you say seasoned users do anyway. If, however, one is a newcomer and some
setting doesn't suit one, well, that's a very good reason to read the fine
man page. Newcomers have unburdened minds -- they may actually find useful
what you (an experienced user) find mildly annoying. A skeleton file is only
a basis to build on. It's /supposed/ to be changed, what's inside it is not
cut in stone. For a vet that should be a non-issue.

Would you share your thoughts on this matter?

Best regards.

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