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Re: default skel files (Re: PAGER=less)

I wrote:

> Then, I'd also like to remove (or comment out) the following lines
> in src/etc/skel/dot.cshrc (derived from 4.4BSD Lite2 merge!?):
> ---
> alias h               history 25
> alias j               jobs -l
> alias la      ls -a
> alias lf      ls -FA
> alias ll      ls -lA
> alias su      su -m
> setenv        EDITOR  vi
> setenv        VISUAL  ${EDITOR}
> setenv        EXINIT  'set autoindent'
> setenv        PAGER   more
> ---

Okay, there is not so particular objections,
so I'll remove all aliases and EXINIT,
and comment out other environments in
src/etc/skel/dot.* files.

> Probably very few admins use our useradd(8) tool,
> or all of you have proper own skel files?

It looks most NetBSD geeks rarely create new accounts, or
use own traditional dot files, but our INSTALL note says
to read afterboot(8), afterboot(8) suggests useradd(8), and
useradd(8) is the only tool available in the default destribusion,
so it would be better to maintain these dot files in src/etc/skel
as NetBSD's distribution defaults.

I also need useradd(8) as a tool to prepare a sample account
on live image builds, and the following command is easier enough
than manipulating misc tools and files:

# useradd -m -u 100 -g users -s /usr/pkg/bin/tcsh -G wheel \
  -p `pwhash !@#$%^&*` -k /your/favorite/skel username

though it doesn't support -d destdir option (as postinstall(8) does),
which is required to create makefs image tree...

Izumi Tsutsui

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