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Re: PAGER=less

>> I would prefer to see system shell initialization files do less, not
>> more, and thus not set environment variables at all unless there's a
>> compelling need (perhaps PATH).

> Strongly seconded.  For example, I strongly hate the global
> 'alias rm rm -i' found on some systems.  Let this decision for the
> user, please.

Agreed.  I've had Linux inflicted on me, recently, and it's really
annoying all the things I have to do just to get it back to even
moderately sane behaviour.  ("export LANG=C" and "unalias -a" are the
ones I recall most strongly, but there are other irritants, such as
/sbin and /usr/sbin not being in the path even after su, and ^P working
for me on the command line only sometimes.)

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