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Re: PAGER=less

Zafer Aydoğan <> writes:

> I would like to see the PAGER environment variables in dot.profile and
> dot.cshrc to be "less" instead of "more" by default.
> I am always annoyed when more (unexpectedly) exits, when I scroll to
> the end of a man page, or jump to the end of it (shift-G)
> and can't scroll back.
> Do you have similiar experiences and how do you avoid it ?
> What do you think about the change ?

I would prefer to see system shell initialization files do less, not
more, and thus not set environment variables at all unless there's a
compelling need (perhaps PATH).

IMHO this is a preference issue, and should be left to users to set in
their own dotfiles; people should get raw unix default behavior until
they ask for something different.

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