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Re: PAGER=less

On 15.10.2011 19:40, Alan Barrett wrote:
> I don't think I like the idea behind this suggestion (complicating
> root's .profile), but if you insist on something along these lines, then
> please don't use "which".
> "command -v less >/dev/null" will do the job using a shell builtin
> command.  At least NetBSD's "which" doesn't go anywhere near csh
> aliases, but using a built-in is still better than using a program from
> /usr/bin.

Yep, saw that after testing.

An alternative to avoid setting PAGER is to set MORE to "-ec". It won't
make more(1) as convenient as less(1), but close too, somewhat. Should
not complexify root's .profile not much, and make man page reading more

Jean-Yves Migeon

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