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Re: Lua modules, paths, man pages etc.

Am 07.10.11 13:02, schrieb Simon Burge:
> Marc Balmer wrote:
>> Man pages.
>> I think that Lua modules should be documented.  I suggest a new chapter
>> 'l' for man pages that document Lua modules, /usr/share/man/manl/ whould
>> then be the place.
> catl/manl is already in our man.conf.  It's been around since at least
> the BSD 4.2 days for local man pages.
> If these are for libraries then section 3 would be the logical place.
> We (seem to) support 3f for fortran from man.conf, so how about 3l for
> lua?

Yes, 'l' was a bad idea.  '3l' might be possible, but 3 is for C LIBRARY
FUNCTIONS, Lua modules are not functions, but rather a collection of Lua
functions/methods.  Maybe 'man lua/gpio' would also work.

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