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Re: Rumpification (was Re: CVS commit: src/usr.sbin/envstat)

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 11:24:13PM +0200, Antti Kantee wrote:
 > It's not quite as trivial as you'd like to think without ever actually
 > working on the code.  Some issues you'll have to deal with when you
 > implement your model:
 > [...]

all of that is easily rectifiable if you want to.

 > rump is *not* a usermode OS project and trying to hammer it into the
 > model you are familiar with is not a productive way to spend time.

If my explanation is wrong, please provide a correct one, as many
people want to understand why you're making a mess. You will never be
able to convince them (or me) that this mess should be accepted if you
don't/can't explain it; nor is there any chance that someone will be
able to suggest a less messy alternative.

While you're at it, as far as I can remember you never explained why
filesystem-level access to a rump kernel should be via dd instead of
via e.g. nfs or 9p, either.

David A. Holland

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