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Re: tn3270, mset and map3270

>> The world is not all my own systems.
> ...and includes a lot of things that already don't honor $TERMCAP.

I know.

I've been subjected to Linux a good deal at work recently, and there
are way *way* too many programs that (a) assume that I want coloured
text and (b) assume that sending the ISO 6429 values in an X3.64 SGR
sequence will get that.  Neither one is true, and my $TERM and $TERMCAP
provide no basis for either assumption.

But the presence of stuff buggy enough to ignore those settings seems
pretty much orthogonal to the discussion at hand.  (Well, perhaps
unless you missed the point of kre's message and took the body of it
seriously, which the designers of the aforementioned Linux interfaces
seem to have done - before he even wrote it, impressively enough.)

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