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Re: Introducing the patchadd binary patch toolchain

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 06:41:35PM +0200, Tonnerre LOMBARD wrote:
> > You're too busy to explain why we want something one way, but you're
> > not too busy to implement your ideas and put them in pkgsrc?
> That's correct.

I'm not sure the way anyone's discussing this is pretty helpful, but I
don't think it hurts anyone to add a tool to pkgsrc.  It's not part of
the base system, and nobody is forced to use it, after all.

Thor Lancelot Simon                               
    "Even experienced UNIX users occasionally enter rm *.* at the UNIX
     prompt only to realize too late that they have removed the wrong
     segment of the directory structure." - Microsoft WSS whitepaper

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