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Re: Introducing the patchadd binary patch toolchain


On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 03:20:00PM +0300, Elad Efrat wrote:
> and now you're implying that you're going to shove binary patches down
> the throats of all NetBSD users?

Yes. Whoever wants them can have them.

> >> Why are they all separate tools and not a single one?
> >
> > To mimic the behavior of the pkg_* tools.
> Why?


> So are "list all files in a directory", "list all files in a directory
> in long format", and "list all files and their inode numbers". And
> yet, we have the technolog to combine all these into a single tool.


> > They only create the patch files and regen the index.
> That's more overhead, and of the worst kind: people time.

The second one requires calling a tool in the near future. Other
than this, I don't see how one would provide patches without
creating them.

> You're too busy to explain why we want something one way, but you're
> not too busy to implement your ideas and put them in pkgsrc?

That's correct.


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