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Converting POD-based man pages to mdoc

Hi all,
I've been working on writing a converter from POD format to mdoc.
The existing pod -> man toolchain is lacking, especially when looking at
the HTML output.

There are currently two sources of POD-converted man pages:
- OpenSSL man pages are written directly in POD
- GNU man pages are generally converted from texinfo sources

A big problem is the second category, e.g. the gcc(1) man page is full
of conversion errors that need to be cleaned up manually. Look e.g. for
@pxref and friends, they exist in various pages.

The automatic conversion is still somewhat ad-hoc, but the result should
be reasonable easy to maintain via three-way merge. As example, you can
find the gcc man page in mdoc format with minimal post-processing under

What do you think, is that desirable for NetBSD?


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