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Re: RC dependencies and LVM

HI joerg,
On Apr,Thursday 16 2009, at 12:58 AM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

Hi all,
attached is a patch to change the dependencies during early boot.
The current mechanism runs all disk scripts before swap is configured.
swap itself is required by fsck, which in turn is required to mount
the root filesystem. This is bad for LVM as it needs a writable /dev.

The patch splits things up:
First, fsck of / and mounting it.
Second, run the "DISKS" scripts.
Third, setup swap and fsck.
Fourth, mount other local filesystems.

Other effects of the patch:
- run wdogctl before mounting root
- run rndctl after wdogctl, but before disks and cgd

Comments? Testers?

I have tested your patch and it works fine for me can you commit
last version of your patch ?



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