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Re: Adding openresolv to base

Roy Marples wrote:

> Hi List
> I would like to propose adding openresolv [1] to the base system so that
> different daemons that want to update resolv.conf(5) can do so without
> stepping on each others toes. dhcpcd can handle this internally, but
> only for DNS information obtained by itself.
> Consider a wireless DHCP enabled interface, a static wired interface and
> a PPP interface. They all compete for resolv.conf and it's normally last
> one wins. Some daemons are "clever" in that they restore the last one,
> but this is by no means foolproof as the interface order going up may
> not be the same as going down. Also, there is a need to use name servers
> from all 3 interfaces.
> The obvious solution is to have a middleman which takes the resolv.conf
> from each interface, merges them together to form one resolv.conf. It
> should also be noified of resolv.conf removal as well. openresolv does
> this, is BSD licensed and works fine in / without /usr mounted. It can 
> also write support files for named(8) and dnsmasq(8)(pkgsrc) to use.
> openresolv is a resolvconf [2] implementation and many applications in
> pkgsrc such as avahi can already take advantage of resolvconf provided
> that is in /sbin.
> Attached is a patch to dhclient-script which adds resolvconf support to
> demonstrate how easy it is to integrate.
> Comments?
> Thanks
> Roy
> [1]
> [2]

Sounds very cool!

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