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Re: nvi db glue missing prototypes

In article <>,
Jed Davis  <> wrote:
>Three of the functions defined in dist/nvi/common/db1.c are missing
>prototypes in db.h.  In particular, on amd64, treating the char*
>return of db_strerror as implicitly int causes the pointer to be
>truncated to 32 bits when passed to snprintf, causing vi to segfault
>when accidentally run on a file without read permission.
>I've attached a patch that provides prototypes for those functions
>and fixes the crash I encountered.  I'm not entirely sure how/if the
>#ifdef USE_DYNAMIC_LOADING case is supposed to work, so I kept all that
>together and moved it to the bottom of db.h, where the types involved
>all have the correct definitions.
>Comments?  Can this be committed?

This will duplicate the prototypes in dbinternal.h which you should
remove if you apply this patch... Other than that looks fine to me.


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