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Re: Input line editing

Ted Lemon wrote:
On Feb 11, 2009, at 10:25 PM, der Mouse wrote:
The design I have in mind makes the
line editing part of the tty driver as far as applications are
concerned, like the current "delete, ^W, ^U" line editing performed by
the kernel.  The only way applications need to care about it is for
hooks like application-specific editor commands or completion

So basically you're proposing a COMND% JSYS?


Finally someone said it. :-)

But the COMND% JSYS wasn't exactly just line editing. I could just wish for COMND%, but that's not likely to happen. COMND% was more about describing the structure of the line expected, so that completion could be done on it. (TOPS-20 can to completion on everything, not just filenames.)
In fact, COMND% don't have line editing...

Oh well. Still, COMND% is wonderful.


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