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Re: Adding a simple editor to the base system

David Brownlee <> wrote:

>       I'd like to propose we add a simple text editor to the base
>       system. The obvious candidate is 'ee' from FreeBSD (who
>       have been including it since 1995).

How are novice users supposed to know to type "ee filename" when they
want to edit a file?

I've seen documentation on the internet for about any kind of unix
variation refer to 'vi', 'vim', 'pico', 'nano', and 'emacs', but never
have I seen anything anywhere refer to an editor called "ee" or

Up until this discussion, I had associated "ee" with "electriceyes",
which I think is an image viewer of some sort.

So while a "simple text editor" may be all well and good, I'm not sure
having it installed will necessarily make it "easy" for novice users to
make the supposed quick changes to rc.conf.


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