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Re: pwd_mkdb(8) is still broken to me

> > Since the # of bytes written to database is controlled not by
> > sizeof(time_t) but by sizeof(pwd.pw_change), getversion() also should
> > return 0 or 1 depending on sizeof(pwd.pw_change).
> Or, write database depending on the size of time_t, like:
>         time_t tmp = pwd.pw_change;
>         memmove(p, &tmp, sizeof(tmp));
>         p += sizeof(tmp);

What is the benefit to do so?  It means nbpwd_mkdb (built on 32bit
time_t host) generates version 0 databases, and installer will need to
be changed to run native pwd_mkdb once before changing root passwd
etc.  I wonder what is the raison d'etre of nbpwd_mkdb.

> Other problems I'm seeing:
> - pw_scan.c:gettime() built as libnbcomat.a passes wrong sized pointer
> when host time_t is 32-bit.
>   - tools/compat should be built with stricter compiler checks (-Wall
> -Werror) IMO.

Since the compiler used here is a host compiler, probably it is
difficult to turn them on unconditionally.

> - Current nbpwd_mkdb generates a broken *pwd.db where VERSION == 0 but
> pw_change & pw_expire are 64-bit.

Yes, need to be fixed.


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