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Re: sh(1) vs. ksh(1)

In article <>,
Alan Barrett  <> wrote:
>On Sat, 25 Oct 2008, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> >Are there any objections to the following patch, which makes NetBSD
>> >ksh handle "...`...\"...`..." in the same way regardless of posix mode
>> >or non-posix mode?  To make the patch readable, I have not changed the
>> >indentation of the inside of the if...{...} block.  If the patch is
>> >acceptable then I would change the indentation before committing.)
>> Why not just turn on posix mode by default? It is less intrusive.
>I think posix mode is on by default in NetBSD ksh, but that's
>irrelevant to this problem.
>The problem is that, in what ksh calls "posix mode", the interpretation
>of "...`...\"...`..." is not compatible with POSIX.  However, in what
>ksh calls non-posix mode, the behaviour of "...`...\"...`..." is
>compatible with POSIX.  One would normally expect something named "posix
>mode" to turn *on* behaviour compatible with the POSIX standard, and the
>fact that ksh uses "posix mode" to turn *off* behaviour compatible with
>POSIX just seems broken.
>The previous comments in lex.c make it clear that the previous behaviour
>was deliberate, but the parts of the POSIX standard quoted in the
>previous comments do not support the previous behaviour.  So I believe
>that the previous authors misinterpreted POSIX, and the new comments (in
>my patch) say that.  Do you disagree?

Sure, just do what you propose then.


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