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Re: iconv(3) prototype


after seeing this for a long time I finally took a look at the source of
this warning:

  warning: passing arg 2 of `iconv' from incompatible pointer type

The problem derives from the fact that NetBSD provides this iconv()

  iconv(iconv_t cd, const char ** restrict src, size_t * restrict srcleft,
         char ** restrict dst, size_t * restrict dstleft);

(according to

and many (most?) programs expect this prototype

   size_t iconv(iconv_t cd, char **restrict inbuf,
          size_t *restrict inbytesleft, char **restrict outbuf,
          size_t *restrict outbytesleft);


This was already discussed here

There seemed to be a trend to change the prototype to the current
standard but then the already implemented change was reverted and a
final decision deferred until there would be input by Klaus Klein.
It looks like this never happened.

Should we change this or still keep our existing prototype?


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