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Re: tools/isl won't build (GCC 12??)

> The two source trees do seem to have different dates on the freshly
> checked-out files and the dates are not "now", so maybe (g)make is
> trying to rebuild things it doesn't need to rebuild?

That strikes me as at least moderately plausible.  For both 4.0.1 and
5.2 I ended up creating a script that touches a dozen or so
files which I found needed it in order to get a clean build without
trying to write into the source tree.  (I keep meaning to do a bunch of
builds with file timestamps randomly re-ordered to find any other such
bugs lurking in my trees.)  Perhaps that sort of timestamp bug has
crept back in - or maybe even never really fixed - since then?  Trying
to run autotools feels like exactly the kind of thing this could cause.

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