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re: libgcc not built?

Yann Sionneau writes:
> Hello,
> Yesterday I had a look at my lm32 NetBSD port (which is stalled since
> 2014 for lack of time).
> And I noticed that I cannot link user space binaries because the built
> cross toolchain lacks libgcc.
> I wonder: why is libgcc not built?
> Any guru of NetBSD/gcc build system could tell me? I didn't find
> anything obvious but I'm not a pro on this.

hi Yann,

this is entirely on purpose.  we don't use libgcc built out of the
toolchain tree as it has a chicken/egg problem with shared libraries
and configure.  the netbsd toolchain does not include any parts that
are shipped -- it merely builds it.

you may want to look at src/tools/gcc/README.mknative and look at
the bootstrap libgcc parts.

feel free to ask more questions -- mknative is difficut to get
bootstrapped (worse than it was, for sure.)


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