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cc -m32 support

hi folks.

as those of you who have been following source-changes will
already know, i've added support for "cc -m32" on the amd64
and sparc64 platforms.

these should both now "just work", including the ability to
run 32 bit apps from real i386/sparc systems without anything
beyond the default install.

for those of you wishing to build systems without this support,
set MKCOMPAT=no in your $MAKECONF.

the system used to build is less than perfect and i plan to
re-do the framework itself in the future, but this method is
working today and ready for netbsd 5.x.

the future should include the ability to build more than one
architecture type of libraries -- eg, a 64 bit mips system
may want to build o32, n32 and n64 style.

please send-pr any issues you see related to this.


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