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re: 32 bit & 64 bit libraries.

as those of you who have been watching source-changes, you can see
that i've mostly completed the work to provide 32 bit libs on amd64
and sparc64.

i've got two issues i'm not sure about, possibly they are related
even, due to .CURDIR issues.

the first is that LIBDPLIBS gets the "wrong" version (ie, the 64
bit version.)  that's due to ${.CURDIR} being evaluated incorrectly
at the right time but i don't understand why.  it can be simply
worked around by installing the necessary libs and restarting make.

the second issue is that libc, libpcap and libipsec builds fail for
yacc rules in some cases.  "nbmake-amd64 dependall" for libc fails
to find "nsparser.h".  "nbmake-amd64 nsparser.c" is enough to work
around this, as is just plain "nbmake-amd64".

there are a couple of infrastructure changes not yet done to get all
the 32 bit parts installed at the right time, so building it is a
little bit challenging and requires some significant (if simple)
hand-holding.  to build you need to set MKCOMPAT=yes, and to run
nbmake-{amd64,sparc64} obj in src/compat, followed by dependall.
you will need to install the compat/lib/csu and
compat/gnu/lib/crtstuff4 before compat/gnu/lib/libgcc4, and libgcc4
before libc.  then other libs need to be installed etc.

the sets lists are correct so you should be able to build sets if
you get a build to complete.

i hope to have the infrastructure work done very shortly, but until
the first two issues are solved we can't enable these builds by
default.  can anyone help?


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